Titanic Artifacts

An important part of the history of the Titanic can be told through the artifacts that have been recovered from the bottom of the ocean, after the Titanic wreckage was discovered near Newfoundland in 1985.
Personal items and parts of the ship were spread across a 13-mile debris field on the ocean floor (approximately 2.5 miles below the surface).

Many of these Titanic artifacts are part of exhibitions and exhibits which travel around the world and are displayed at various museums, and they help keep the history of the Titanic alive.

Titanic artifacts include:
•brass lettering from the Titanic’s deck
•a Titanic foremast running light
•a Titanic skylight
•a Titanic café window

Titanic artifacts from the passengers onboard include:
•trunks and suitcases
•a one-dollar bill

In April 2012, more than 5,000 Titanic artifacts were auctioned as a single lot.