Titanic Movie

The Titanic movie premiered in 1997, to record audiences (primarily made up of teenage girls) who came to see the history of the Titanic told through two fictional characters.

Written, produced, and directed by James Cameron, the Titanic movie cost more than $200 million to make and won eleven Academy Awards (out of fourteen nominations). Top Academy Awards included Best Picture and Best Director.

Stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio depicted Rose and Jack, two characters who meet and fall in love on the Titanic’s first, and last, voyage.

The Titanic movie was the first film to gross more than $1 billion, and has since reached close to $2 billion in worldwide sales (including ticket grosses, film rights, videos, and DVDs).

To ensure that the Titanic movie scenes looked accurate, James Cameron acquired the original blueprints from the Titanic (from its builder, Harland and Wolf) and built a model to full scale (approximately 882 feet long by 92.5 feet wide, at its broadest point). A 17-million gallon tank was built to hold the movie ship, and it took seven years to make the Titanic movie.

Interestingly, James Cameron had a cameo role in the movie, as a praying man in steerage.